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Clyde’s Top 10 Podcast

As some of you know. I am a digital media major from Onondaga Community College and I fallen in love with the art of audio recording. One of my favorite podcast that I used to listen to was The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana; he was one of the founding fathers of sports and audio podcast and since 2014 I’ve listen to over 100 different podcast and in 2022. I’ve came up with my top 10 list. So below is my top 10 favorite podcast. It’s not in any particular order.

  1. The King’s Healing Room Podcast

  2. Something To Wrestle With Bruce Pritchard

  3. Ooka Jay: Talk that Talk

  4. CAMedia Podcast

  5. Cock Tales: Dirty Discussions (Explicit Content)

  6. The Crossing Minds Podcast:

  7. Unwritten: Behind Baseball’s Secret Rules

  8. Carefully Reckless with Jess Hilarious

  9. NotSam Wrestling

  10. Transformation Church

All the links to these podcast will lead you to Apple podcast. If you have Spotify; the majority of these podcast are available there.

Let me know what you think of my selection and leave a review if you have heard any of these podcast.

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